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HotS Builds

Because of the new build sharing system I found it is relatively easy to copy/import builds. I decided to share each build on heroes. I made this with a specific criteria: Competitive builds (meta), Builds I recommend, then if neither of those exist I give the highest winrate build from 

How to use website: 

Step 1. Search for the hero (they are sorted by role, but you can also press CTRL+ F and type them in)

Step 2. Copy the build. 

Step 3. Go in game to quick match, the hero you want and click "Talents"  

Step 4. Click on one of the loadouts on the top (1/2/3) then the cog on the right and click paste. 

Step 5. Play the hero and it will tell you which talents to take in order to model off of that build. 

If you would like more info I have full written guides for some of these heroes at Otherwise I have video guides for 95% of the roster at 

*All builds have situational changes even if I don't mention them. Use these are starting points. If I build isn't mentioned here it doesn't mean it is bad, it just isn't used enough in the highest levels of play to be relevant. If I am missing one, shoot me an email 




Shield build (Anti Mage) (Meta) [T1212214,Anubarak]

Standard Meta [T3122314,Anubarak]

Beetles (Not Meta) [T2132334,Anubarak]

Anub is a high CC tank with lower survivability than other tanks. He is a strong counterpick into high spell damage teams. Shield build is especially good against damage over time abilities because of how his level 7 shield talent will lower the cooldown of your shield. Otherwise go the standard meta build. Beetlebuild is pretty fun as a bruiser build, but is not recommended as a standard tank anymore. 


Tank Build [T1231124,Arthas]


Solo Lane AA Build [T1321223,Arthas]

Solo vs ranged (qbuild) [T1111113,Arthas]

Arthas is not really considered a meta tank and is only used as a Counterpick tank against heavy frontline auto attackers like Illidan, twinblades, butcher, ect. He can still tank in a pinch. But people who are using him as a counter usually go in the solo lane and play him as a bruiser. The goal of this build is to have high root duration. Root huge groups with level 1 quest, then root again with level 16 e talent. Use icebound fortitude to survive burst and CC. Pop ghouls early into fights using their damage at the start and keep your health topped off.



Combustion build (Not Meta) [T4212212,Blaze]

Meta Solo Lane [T3211211,Blaze]

Blaze in the meta is a solo laner with huge zone control, great CC and bunker to counter many setups in the meta. 

As a main tank, he is not meta. However I will still give the build I used in bronze-masters with an 80% win rate. The idea is to slow huge zones with w (don't light on fire) then do huge stuns and combustion entire teams. Use your trait to gain survivability and unstoppable so they can't stop your combustion and waste abilities on you trying to do so. 


FireStomp (Meta) [T2212222,Diablo]

Combo (Meta only in coordinated competitive play) [T3221114,Diablo]

Level 1 talent is situational. Maps where you fight near waves I like devil's due. Otherwise I grab feast on fear. Soul shield takes priority over either against burst mages like jaina. Firestomp build is strong into most situations, Combo is still being used in EU competitive, but outside of that it is too risky without followup. Combo you need to know the diablo combos perfectly as well. Apoc should never be casted without stunning at least 1 person from you comboing. 


Meta Tank [T2211125,ETC]

Solo Lane Bully [T1332322,ETC]

There are a lot of situational talents. Level 1 Block party is extremely powerful against auto attackers. But prog rock is good if you're not sure what to take or if the opposing team has a lot of poke. If the enemy has a lot of CC Mosh may not be your best option. Level 20 I go deathmetal if enemies are fighting in clusters and have a lot of CC. Otherwise bolt allows moshes the enemies can't predict. 

In the solo lane, this build has incredible survivability and can stick on targets like glue. The goal is to abuse your global and push heavily while waiting for an opportunity to jump into the enemy backline and distract them until your team wins the fight. 


Meta [T1331123,Garrosh]

Bruiserish [T3222222,Garrosh]

There are a lot of ways to play garrosh, but you will likely only see the meta build. The meta build works amazingly with a bit of burst on your team to followup throw, stun, taunt. Your throw range is the same as your stun so e, q, should always stun. But later in the game people won't check bushes as carelessly so using q to slow and walk up and e is also viable. Bruiser build is just a hard to kill tank for brawly maps or if you don't expect your team to followup. 


Ishb00 Build (Meta) [T3332312,Johanna]

Current Meta [T2312122,Johanna]

Variant Stun heavy [T2112122,Johanna]

Scoop Build [T2212132,Johanna]

Because this is a hero I play a lot, I am always watching for what competitive players are running and watching what is working. I used ishb00's build as well as the scoop build to achieve a 71% win rate up to GM. The idea of scoop build is to set up the best fight possible, e to dismount, trait to be unstoppable, w move in quick and pull them close, subdue to slow 80%, ult to followup slow with a stun, imposing presence to slow when ult stun wears off. Ishb00s build is meant for amazing team fights and huge macro potential. Better against poke teams, worse against burst. I changed his level 20 from indestructible to shield upgrade because they have buffed it a lot since he has played. 


Meta [T1131311,MalGanis]

E through frontline, zone backline. You can also adapt by sleeping frontline and peeling for your team with Q. After sleep you should have permanent 15% movespeed from level 13 talent so abuse that to dominate. Great at holding points on maps with zones you need to hold. 


Get Angry (Meta) [T1321334,Muradin]

Old Meta [T3321134,Muradin]

Get angry loses about 15% survivability to gain about 30-40% more damage. You decide if it's worth it. 


Meta Hook/Gorge [T3232124,Stitches]

Bile is underrated [T2211313,Stitches]

In competitive is all about getting 1 pick before an objective and forcing the enemies to give the objective. But watching a variety of games I think bile is underrated. Despite my feelings it is not meta and in many cases where bile is good, other heroes are better. 


Meta Utility Tank [T2132212,Tyrael]

In competitive is used to contest camps and bosses with holy ground as well as counter combos with sanctification. If you like tanking with him, I recommend drafting another form of engage because he has a hard time starting fights. 


Tank (Taunt) Varian (Meta) [T2121224,Varian]

Solo Lane Meta Twin Blades [T3322224,Varian] 

Non-meta Burst Build (CS) [T1211334,Varian]

Taunt varian and Twin Blades are the only 2 meta builds. Taunt is used as a main tank is blow up compositions, particularly ones that are lacking damage as taunt allows for multiple crits so you can add a lot of damage to taunted target. Level 13 and 16 are situational. 

Twin blades is used in the solo lane as a sustained damage dealer with decent survivability. 

Non-meta Burst build can do a lot of damage and lower armor so a target your team is attacking will die. He however is outclassed by other burst heroes because he cannot 100-0 most assassins/healers in the game on his own compared to many assassins who can in the right builds. 


Meta Tank [T1132133,Uther]

You might be wondering why a healer is under tanks. Well in the current competitive meta Uther is being used as a main tank to simulate double healer comps. He is squishier than most tanks but having a flat 25 armor and selfhealing available allows him to do a decent job. Not to mention he has one of the strongest stun combos. 


Bruisers/Solo Lane


Meta [T2341211,Artanis]

Artanis is not really meta, he is used primarily on BoE for extra race, or on maps where he can sneak some camps. This build is a variant of his pro build with a couple talents which were buffed. This build is very tanky, does a decent chunk of damage, and can rip camps. Many of his defensive talents have been buffes so while this is meta, shifting into a tankier build is a posibility. Some EU pros have swapped to trait on 13 and 16. But even then this is also the highest wr build on heroes profile. 


EU Dive Meta [T1232332,Chen]

NA Support Meta [T3231433,Chen]

Practice with either build can be a huge bully in the solo lane, but EU focuses on diving backliners while NA focuses on shielding allies then jumping in and barreling assassins into your team for easy and safe kills. 


Meta [T1231111,Deathwing]

Deathwing's meta build is a hybrid high impact dive bruiser that can backup after initial burst and use Q to melt teams. W talents early allow you to bully some solo laners and be very impactful early. When enemies have the talents needed to kill you quick you shift into a more ranged oriented build only going in after splitting enemies in the chaos of the fight. 


Meta [T2211121,Dehaka]

RaceCar/Bruiser [T3332332,Dehaka]

The meta build for dehaka is using global to get value alone in lane then jumping into a fight quickly isolating a backliner and ripping someone in their frontline into your team for easy and quick team fight wins. The Racecar build is nearly unkillable and can be a huge disruption charging into their backline and 1v3 for the duration of a fight. It's not meta, but it can be strong in uncoordinated games. 


Meta [T2422322,DVa]

While she isn't a meta hero, her meta build is a durable tool for taking control point maps or dominating on Infernal shrines. 


Meta [T3131313,Imperius]

Level 4 you can use press forward on Dshire or Braxxis. There are other adjustable talents based on comps. But this build can 80-0 in under 2 seconds as early as level 7 and 100-0 2 targets post 20. 


Meta Ghost Package (Damage reduction) [T3311221,Leoric]

Drain Build [T3332112,Leoric]

AA Build [T3321331,Leoric]

Leoric has been and always will be relevant in the meta because of the power of entomb. But Drain build with march has such a huge powerspike at 20 that it is sometimes used as a build in competitive. Ghost package tends to be the most common, but AA build is surprisingly good against double tank/bruiser comps where you need to slowly walk through their team. 


Meta Q build [T3112314,Malthael]

Standard build, nothing fancy. Level 1, 7, 13 are situational. 


Meta Q build [T1312112,Ragnaros]

E Build [T3232232,Ragnaros]

Ragnaros is the hero I have seen the most one tricks hit GM with. Both build have tons of impact in team fights if you are good at positioning and knowing when to go in. I would recommend q against double frontline and e against single frontline. Hybrids of the builds can see a lot of value too. 


Meta [T1232132,Rexxar]

Difficult hero to master, but when mastered he is one of the best heroes for dshire/braxxis solo lane. 


Spin to Win (Meta on BoE) [T3222334,Sonya]

AA Build (Meta off of BoE) [T2312324,Sonya]

Both builds are good on any map, but there are reasons one ends up higher than others at different times. AA build allows you to 100-0 backliners in seconds. Spin build in fights can feel unkillable. 


Meta [T1321224,Thrall]

This build works in solo or 4 man. Ults are situational. 

Xul (Reworked, Meta still defining)

Q Build [T2122113,Xul]

W build [T2212223,Xul]

Both builds have insane sustain and high damage. Both have high utility. 


Meta [T2321314,Yrel]

Abuse your high mobility and high survivability to annoy backline. Charge E, Trait W is the most common combo in fights. Trait q is also great if you want to focus more on your sustained annoyance. Learn in and out playstyle. 

Non bruiser solo laners. 

Blaze solo lane

Meta [T3211211,Blaze]


Zag %health (meta) [T2222112,Zagara]

Zag Solo push [T3222233,Zagara]

Meta still pushes and allows you to bully solo laners while also having a decent team fight. You can slow entire teams and do %health to tanks. 


Old Meta Solo Lane [T1222112,Illidan]

New Recc [T2212132,Illidan]

Old meta still works, but there have been some buffed talents since he was used in the pro scene. The idea of either build is to go in the solo lane, double soak and join team for team fights. Jump on their backline and be a disruption until your team wins the fight. Immolation makes double soaking and camps easier, but battered assault triggers allows you to kill their backline alone. He is meant to be picked later in draft. 


Meta Q  VP [T1222124,Zeratul]

Might combo [T1221131,Zeratul]

Zera in the solo is meant to just double soak, VP to setup for team and wait for 16 to full combo people. Post 20 you can outheal a lot of damage. 

Gazlowe (Unsure he isn't meta, but I will give a build I saw a gazlowe 1 trick use)

IDK hes GM Gazlowe with 70% winrate [T3121131,Gazlowe]



Both Ranged and Melee will be included


Q Build [T2212313,Azmodan]

Q/AABurst [T3322332,Azmodan]

Summons splitpush [T1331324,Azmodan]

Azmodan just isn't meta right now. His Q build has been nerfed too much to be relevant. So I recommend either Q/AA Burst where you R, Q, AA, Trample to try and burst a single target down. Or just go summons and ignore objectives. You get more value than most objectives if left alone. 


Meta [T3231133,Cassia]

Q Build  [T1232212,Cassia]

Meta build is all about working in blind teams and dropping entire teams quickly with high crit damage and self-healing. Q build is more for standard non-blind teams, poke safely with Q and look for enemies to make mistakes, pull them in for quick kills. 


W Build (Highest Hotslogs WR) [T2222112,Chromie]

Since her latest rework she has not won any major games in prized events. Her w build is powerful, but needs to be used right. Trap to lower armor, w in the direction they need to escape. This alone can do 50-60% of their health, you can combo it with your ult to 100-0 someone. 


Magestad Meta [T3322222,Falstad]

AA Meta [T2322333,Falstad]

Magestad is usually solo lane, but AA works in cases where you want gust and can double soak with team. Doublesoaking charges AA quest quickly, then you can do decent AA dps. 

Fenix (Recent changes, waiting on more information)

Meta [T2331423,Fenix]

Be willing to adapt. The slow talent on 4 I personally like since they buffed it. On braxxis it is common to go planet cracker as in the right angles it can completely wipe the enemy objective wave. 


E Build (Meta) [T1221221,Genji]

Q Spike build  [T2122122,Genji]

Waiting for changes, I am listing his old meta build, but he is in a weak spot. I would almost more likely recommend Q spike build, E in, three quick q spikes (hitting all 3 on the same target and get a quick kill then e out. It's really high risk light reward so I don't think it's good enough to outclass other divers. 


Meta [T3111323,Greymane]

Greymane is a strong assassin with a few situational tiers. 4/10/16 are situational. Wizened duelist is sometimes taken at 7 if you are winning to speed up the victory but if you're not sure it can put a second target on your back and be a dead talent. 


Meta [T3331421,Guldan]

Standard, nothing special. Faster you finish e quest, the better. Your damage is all healable and predictable, Horrify is how you make or break fights


Meta W [T2122222,Hanzo]

Q (Meta Infernal Shrines) [T1112122,Hanzo]

AA Strong, relatively easy  [T3132212,Hanzo]

Hanzo is extremely difficult. W build hanzo dominated the pro scene but disappeared when people didn't have the time to practice it. AA build is relatively easy and still strong. Q build is relatively easy and very strong on Infernal, it's okay on other maps. 


Meta Ring [T3111331,Jaina]

Meta Water ele [T3112322,Jaina]

Standard builds. Nothing special. Level 20 ice blink was used a bit in Ring build to chill for combo, but with it's range after ring level 20 buffs people switched to just upgrade ring. 


Trap (Meta) [T3331321,Junkrat]

Hybrid [T2131323,Junkrat]

Trap is the new meta, Hybrid is a mix of old meta and new meta. I personally think it may be better, but I am showing the meta because hybrid hasn't be done enough. 


Meta [T3121124,Kaelthas]

Meta Pyro [T3132124,Kaelthas]

KT has some situational talents at 4/7 so be willing to shift. 


Meta [T3222233,KelThuzad]


Meta [T3232122,LiMing]

Safe Orb hybrid [T3222223,LiMing]

Repulsion combos, constant poke with w. The idea of the second build is if you can't get close and finish people. This gives you a high sustained poke build which still has some 100-0 potential if you follow up a stun. 


Meta [T2312243,Lunara]

Lunara has many situational talents, especially on 13. Be willing to adjust to what your team needs. 


Meta w [T2112133,Mephisto]

Highest Hotslogs Win Rate [T2212323,Mephisto]

Q Build (Combo) [T1112113,Mephisto]

Q is still a close second if you're good with combos. W build still has situational talents


Meta [T3211334,Nazeebo]

Toads (easy, strong) [T2231334,Nazeebo]

Spiders used to be meta, but then they nerfed it in 2 ways. Toads became meta, but with buff of thing of the deep, you can now do insane damage with all abilities. 

Nova (No idea, sorry dudes, she isn't meta so I don't see her builds in competitive)

HotSLogs Highest WR [T1311114,Nova]

I hate recommended tripletap, but thats what is winning :(

Orphea (after recent change her meta build is gone, so awaiting info)

Highest Winrate on Hotslogs [T1121113,Orphea]

Probius (No idea, not meta, I don't see him enough to recommend)

Turret (Highest WR Hotslogs) [T3331311,Probius]


Meta [T2122314,Raynor]

There are situational talents and for those who are new to raynor I recommend practicing hyperion until you get the rest of raynor mechanics down. Managing 2 things at once can be difficult. 

Hammer (Sgt. Hammer)

Meta [T1221324,SgtHammer]

The power of this build comes from being able to stutterstep in siege mode post 7 and knowing when to unstoppable and when to use boosters. Wasting either resource is bad. But also don't forget that being out of siege mode can still be powerful, you just lose range and splash for the most part. Your attacks still do a lot. 


Meta Sustain [T1221333,Sylvanas]

Mage [T2231131,Sylvanas]

Sustain build i have seen a lot of random variations. Some with more E talents. But this one is generally safe. Level 16 is situational. Mage build has been nerfed. It can still be powerful on maps like braxxis where it's relatively easy to stack, but otherwise sustain is generally better. 

Tassadar (Waiting on meta)

My recc build [T1222323,Tassadar]

This build is very strong, it can 100-0 relatively early and just does powerful combos. Unsure about level 13 at the moment. 


Mochrie's Build (Meta) [T1222231,Tracer]

This build is almost the exact build from the pros. The only difference is the level 4 talent which Mochrie has done an awesome job breaking down several pro games explaining the lack of value on the talent they picked. And the value of the talent he recommends. 


Meta burst [T3211211,Tychus]

This build is all about quickly killing whoever your tank stuns. If you are quick you do 70% of someones health in under 3 seconds. Then a q and a w finish them off. Odin allows for fights where you may not get a chance to get that close. There exists a world where laser is used if your draft didn't have enough race. There are also times in the rhythm is worth it, but standing that close to enemies with engages for long periods of time is very risky. 


Meta Hypercarry [T3212314,Valla]

Q build (Meta on BoE) [T1132133,Valla]

Q build is common on BoE and is one of the best race builds in the game. W build has been used as a hypercarry build since HGC. 


Meta [T1211211,Zuljin]

Guillotine Build [T2222322,Zuljin]

16 is situational. Guillotine build is fun, but easy to be jumped on. This version doesn't require the stacking and can still do just as powerful axe drops. Meta build is standard, does well whether you are winning or losing. 


Meta [T1332324,Alarak]

E Build [T3232324,Alarak]

E build is still viable especially if you expect the enemies to dive you or the game goes long. Think Tomb of the Spider Queen. I'd imagine it would still be meta in the highest levels of play since it is more durable in close games. 

The Butcher (He isn't meta but I will include a recc build)

Recc  [T3232132,TheButcher]

Double soak, build meat, Sneaky kills with ults, post 20 1 good ult closes out a game. Play safe especially pre 200 meet. 


Meta (EU Master Clash) [T3331123,Kerrigan]

Highest WR (Meta) [T3222324,Kerrigan] 

She has situational talents. Kerrigan isn't really one to grab a guide and go. She requires a lot of practice with her w/e combo and knowing when to draft her. She is very powerful though. Both builds work, but the second one is much more common and as of writing this has a 63% win rate (which is insanely high). 


Meta Q [T3112132,Maiev]

Meta W (Maps without camps) [T1212211,Maiev]

In competitive Shadow Orb Vengeance is almost always better, it allows crazier engages. 

Murky (Not enough info)

HotSLogs Highest WR [T3212122,Murky]


Meta [T2322312,Qhira]

as always she has situational talents

Samuro (Waiting, after recent changes meta hasn't decided his final build)

HotSlogs Highest WR [T3211321,Samuro]


Meta [T4112314,Valeera]

Ambush Build  (MBee's build) [T4112124,Valeera] 

In competitive she was only used to counter divers. The meta build is also the highest win rate on heroes profile. I did add a variation of an ambush build. Ambush builds are builds which abuse ambush talents to get quick kills on isolated targets. It's a higher impact build in situations where she is picked sub-optimally in draft. 



Supports are also included at the end


Jun's Build (Meta) [T2312232,Alexstrasza]

W build (Meta) [T2122232,Alexstrasza]

Q Build (Strong) [T1311231,Alexstrasza]

E Build (Weak early, Strong 20) (not meta) [T3232233,Alexstrasza]

All builds have their place. Jun's build fit the most situations, but W build was the meta where you could do huge heals and give your whole team mount speed. 


Meta [T2221211,Ana]

What i honestly think should be meta [T2111231,Ana]

Level 13, 16 and 20 are situational. 13 depends on what cc the enemies have. 16 depends on if you need more sustain or more burst healing and 20 depends on a lot of factors. 


Meta [T1132232,Anduin]

But I recommend w at 13. He is a healer with the most answers to the widest variety of situations but because of that, he falls short in healing and his versions of answers have downsides. His cleanse has a longer cooldown, his root can be blocked by minions, ect. 


Meta [T1332314,Auriel]

After res nerf, it is a bit too slow in fights. Auriel is still powerful, this build allows you to be your own battery, but she is still great to be drafted with someone who does a lot of sustained damage. 


Meta Tele [T2122312,Brightwing]

Bribewing [T3111211,Brightwing]

Get creative. Meta is used primarily on dshire, bribewing is usually only used for chaotic stormleague games. 


Meta [T3131313,Deckard]

What I recc  [T3231111,Deckard]

This one is tough to share because he has a bunch of easy/hard builds and builds that are better or worse depending on coordination. He has a lot of situational talents like level 4 prevents burst or poke. Level 13 and level 16.

Kharazim (Monk) 

Meta [T2211111,Kharazim]

He has healing builds as well, but at that point it's better to play someone else. This build is about following your tank and whatever he stuns you help kill quickly. Then at 16 you have the best cleanse in the game to keep your team out of bursty situations. 


Meta Blind [T2121233,LiLi]

Actually insane healing [T1211211,LiLi]

Lili is often considered the easiest hero in the game. If you are looking for that, go the second build. If you are playing her to counter auto attackers, those are the times she is picked in the meta, which is why her meta build is blinds. 

Lt. Morales

Meta [T1122222,LtMorales]

Feel free to go stim in average games and just stim something that benefits from attack speed. Putting her with a ranged assassin like a valla and giving stim and some armor when needed is pretty huge. 


Meta [T2231311,Lucio]

But what I recommend for 99% of games [T1121113,Lucio]

There is a major difference in pro and uncoordinated teams. For more healing and more impact in your average game, I recommend the second build. 


Current Meta [T1331121,Malfurion]

TD Meta [T1332122,Malfurion]

I have a lot of guides on malfurion. He is very strong, but very difficult. Having a root on level 1 is huge, but knowing how to use it is bigger. Keep q on everyone, try to hit the easiest target with w. I tend to cast q on tank first, then diver, then someone who needs it, after that just keep it up on as many targets as possible. Cleanse at 7 unless there is nothing to cleanse then go longer root duration. 


Totem (Meta) [T2331324,Rehgar]

LS (Meta on Shrines) [T1131314,Rehgar]

Totem build is the best against burst. It gives you the most options to deal with burst and it allows you to setup fights for your team. You don't lose much macro pre 16, so you can still cover everything your team needs. I do think lightning shield at 4 is beneficial for mana management in lower ranks. In higher ranks having another healing ability for fights is pretty big. Lightning shield build on Infernal Shrines is meta. 


Meta anti AA ([T1212333,Stukov])

Meta Root focus [T2121313,Stukov]

Both builds are good. Instead of picking lili or khara into AA, some people pick stukov then just go the armor talent at 4, then cooldown reduction so they can keep armor up all the time. Then the other option is a root focused build. If your team lands a stun you followup with one of the most powerful roots in the game. A 2 seconds root in a 4 second silence zone. 


Meta [T3111213,Tyrande]

Ignoring the different NA build because they stopped playing her. EU still uses her and wins with her, using their build. 


non meta uther healer [T2131223,Uther]

 My Uther solo lane (not meta) [T3231233,Uther] 

 Meta Main Tank [T1132133,Uther] 

It isn't usually recommended to have uther solo heal anymore. His mana management is rough, so people just put him as tank or solo lane, then double heal. However on maps with timed objectives that are short enough his healing isn't bad. I am thinking sky temple and infernal shrines. You tend to last long enough to win those objectives and his armor compensates for the lack of healing. This build has a really good win rate on hotslogs. 

Currently in the Meta Uther is being used as a main tank. But it may still tilt your teams if you are not playing with competitive players. Uther is best with a second healer which is why people fit him into other roles like tank or solo lane. 


Meta Anti-Burst [T1331121,Whitemane]

Meta Root [T1331131,Whitemane]

Both of these builds have won major games in prized events. Both are good against burst. If her ult comes out it should be treated like a shorter dragon form, you walk away, if you don't her team will win the fight. 



Frontline hat (Meta) [T1131223,Abathur]

TLV The Lost Vikings 

Meta [T4222212,LostVikings]

But don't get me wrong there is a lot of preference in his build. I personally like hired goons or just buffing Baelog and letting him take a side lane and push all the way down. 


Meta [T3222222,Medivh]

Medivh is odd, his builds differ a lot depending on comps. Don't just pick this and run with it. Practice it and be willing to adapt. 


Meta [T4322424,Zarya]

Q Build (I like it outside of coordinated) [T1211433,Zarya]

Her meta build has a lot to do with combos. It is all about speeding up a key piece of your team and bursting them. Then she also has expulsion for camp control and to keep the enemy team away  from the target you are trying to burst. Q build is generally a strong build, but you need to draft her with purpose. 




LeonBlacks Build (Meta) [T3311311,Chogall]


LeonBlacks Build (Meta) [T1322132,Gall]

Even after the nerfs this build went from being "OP" to "Still really good" You lose the ability to stick to people like glue, but you gain it back under 60% health. It doesn't seem to have a lot of synergy at first glance, but the idea is to have Cho Basic attack the same target enhancing his damage. Using q, shove, trait movement speed, gall slows to stay on the target. Q will also increase your attack speed later so you can q on someone and burst them down with 3 attacks. It's also easier to play than other chogall builds. Just keep cho trait on unless you're doing camps, let cho AA people, gall just quests.