HotS Guides (CTRL + F your hero or map)


Map guide playlist. (Skip the first Volskaya Vid).

Most important strategy/psychology/philosophy hots videos.

The Biggest Difference In High and Low Ranks:

Why do we fight midlane at the start of each game?:

"Don't focus the tank" every dps player needs to see this video:

Weekly Training Routine (Short vid):

Freezing Lanes (solo laners must watch.):

What is Tilt?:

How to improve quickly:

Can you carry in hots?:

Psychology behind toxic people:

Psychology behind HotS (a personal project):

The hero guides will continue on below

They will be updated as I do them, I will also try to keep the guides up to date. I do this ad free so it's easy to view, but if you like these guides you can support through patreon ( and get monthly coaching) or through my coaching (

Hero Guides



Updated build and Playstyle:

Outdated video, but still shows how he works and can be played:

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